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Laetitia Casta is one of the most well-known models in the world. With her angelic face and curvaceous body, Laetitia has been modeling for over a decade. She is different than most models of today who are tall and very thin, Laetitia only stands at about 5'8" and every inch of it is voluptuous and womanly. It's hard for one to deny such pure beauty, her face is sweet and ethereal with clear blue eyes and full lips. This community is dedicated to Laetitia and is a place for her fans and admirers to share pictures, new, and graphics.

Name: Laetitia Marie Laure Casta
Date of Birth: May 11, 1978
Place of Birth: Pont-Audemer, Corsica, France
Nationality: French
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Measurements: 34-23-34
Worked for: Guess?, Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, L'Oreal, Yves St. Laurent, and many more.
Fun Fact: Her most incredible achievement has to be becoming the Marianne of the Millennium, an honor bestowed upon her by the mayors of France.

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